Bali Malas

Bali Malas was created in 2006 and is proud to have been the first company to bring awareness of the sacred beads born out of Bali in the South Pacific. Many have since followed suit, but few can attain the same quality of beads and care in production as Bali Malas. Bali Malas believes when you start with a sacred object, it can facilitate a deeper practice and understanding of life. Because the Bali Malas predominantly female workforce in Bali receives living wages, and benefits, Bali Malas is bringing a new paradigm to the workers of Bali! Bali Malas designs are lovingly handmade with fair-trade, authentic beads and all are traditionally blessed before leaving this "island of the Gods". All of Bali Malas designs incorporate the use of authentic, sacred seeds that come from the families that have tended to their growth for centuries. In breaking with tradition they have give the Bali Malas' manufacturer in Bali, the only western woman ever, accessibility to create from their labors. Bali Malas offers pristine, sustainable harvested, sacred and rare rudraksha seeds to seekers in the west who might not otherwise have exposure to the profound, healing qualities of this potent seed.

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